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Vasectomy Sedation Options

Vasectomies are performed all over the world and are well tolerated without any sedation.

However, we offer two forms of sedation that are highly recommended to make your experience better. Whether or not you decide to have sedation for your procedure, all patients will have the skin over the vas deferens anesthetized using a needle-less injector. Only after the skin is numb will we occasionally use a needle to further anesthetize the nerves that run along with the vas deferens.

We have found that procedures performed on patients who are sedated tend to go faster and are better tolerated. The skin and contents of the scrotum can be more relaxed and the vas deferens can be more easily identified.

Your safety is our Number One concern. In-office sedation is carefully monitored by a Certified Nurse Anesthetist or a Clinical Nurse Specialist who is in the room along with the doctor during your procedure.

ALL PATIENTS RECEIVING SEDATION WILL NEED A PERSON THEY KNOW TO PICK THEM UP. No patient who received sedation will be allowed to drive off of the premises. This requirement is for your safety.

IV (Intravenous) Sedation

IV Sedation requires the placement of a very small needle into a vein so a sedative can be administered. This form of sedation is a unique offering of our practice and is administered and monitored by a licensed anesthetist. The medication is fairly fast acting and the dose can be adjusted through the procedure. There is generally not a delay between the consultation and the procedure. Most patient sleep through the procedure and most do not even remember the procedure being performed. Being the only practice in Austin that routinely offers IV sedation has contributed to our very high rate of success and word-of-mouth referrals.


Why choose NAU Urology Specialists for your vasectomy?

Vasectomy sounds pretty good to most guys who are considering male birth control. That is, until they start worrying about the actual snip. You’ll be happy to know that our Austin urology group offers the “Mistry Vasectomy,” which is a whole new approach.