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Pre-vasectomy Consultation

The pre-procedure consultation is an important opportunity to discuss the procedure and answer questions about the vasectomy.

Many men feel very informed about the procedure and possible complications, but the face-to-face consultation remains an important part of the process. Many times wives will have questions of their own and we encourage you to bring your partner when possible.

You can have the consultation on the day of the procedure or on any day before-hand. You need to book a special ‘one-day vasectomy’ appointment if you want the consultation and the procedure on the same day.

The consultation takes about 15-20 minutes and allows us to review your medical and surgical history as well as review the procedure in detail and address any specific questions you may have. Conditions such as diabetes and pre-existing testicular pain are important to know prior to a vasectomy.

At the consultation, you should tell your doctor about any pain you have experienced in your scrotum or penis, or any odd lumps or bumps you have discovered at any point – whether they are still present or not. Ask whether anything in your medical history (including that of your male relatives), suggests you should not have a vasectomy. You should also ask if there is any reason to prefer one procedure over another, or whether you are especially susceptible to any complications resulting from vasectomy.

The consultation also allows us to explore any other urologic issues or symptoms and inquire about any sexual or hormonal complaints. Part of the consultation will include a physical examination to make sure that there are no anatomic considerations that could interfere with the procedure.


Why choose NAU Urology Specialists for your vasectomy?

Vasectomy sounds pretty good to most guys who are considering male birth control. That is, until they start worrying about the actual snip. You’ll be happy to know that our Austin urology group offers the “Mistry Vasectomy,” which is a whole new approach.