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Vasectomy Pre-Procedure Consultation

A vasectomy pre-procedure consultation is the time to get vasectomy information

The vasectomy pre-procedure consultation allows an important exchange of information between the patient and the doctor. At NAU Urology Specialists, the consultation visit is an opportunity for our Austin vasectomy expert to review your medical and surgical history, explain the procedure in detail, and answer any questions. You will leave this visit with all the vasectomy information you need to be ready to move forward, and we encourage you to bring your partner along as well.

Your surgeon will address specific topics related to your overall health, including pain or lumps in the scrotum or penis, other urological symptoms, and hormonal problems. The vasectomy consultation also includes a physical examination. It allows the doctor to determine whether there are any anatomical considerations before the procedure.

This 15 to 20 minutes is an important time for both the patient and his partner to fully understand and feel comfortable with the procedure.

One-day vasectomy

NAU Urology Specialists patients have the opportunity to book a “one-day vasectomy” with our Austin urology providers. This convenience allows patients to have both the vasectomy consultation and procedure on the same day, streamlining the process.

If you want vasectomy information, but aren’t ready to move ahead the same day, the vasectomy pre-procedure consultation also can be done at a separate appointment prior to the day of the surgery.

The NAU Urology Specialists vasectomy

Our goal is an effective procedure that minimizes discomfort and potential complications. To accomplish this, our Austin vasectomy experts take a very specific approach to vasectomy. At your vasectomy pre-procedure consultation, your physician will explain this minimally invasive surgery fully, so you know exactly what to expect.

  • We make a single incision on the scrotum for less post-procedure discomfort.
  • Our no-scalpel technique, utilized internally on the vas deferens, reduces recovery time and pain.
  • We use dissolvable stitches, not metal clips to block the tubes.
  • We only tie one end of the vas deferens to reduce potential complications.
  • Our surgeons use a single dissolvable stitch to close the small incision.

Another NAU Urology Specialists benefit is in-office sedation. Additional information about this option can be found on our vasectomy anesthesia page.

To schedule your vasectomy pre-procedure consultation and get more vasectomy information, contact the Austin vasectomy experts at NAU Urology Specialists.

Why choose NAU Urology Specialists for your vasectomy?

Vasectomy sounds pretty good to most guys who are considering male birth control. That is, until they start worrying about the actual snip. You’ll be happy to know that our Austin urology group offers the “Mistry Vasectomy,” which is a whole new approach.