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Semen Analysis Collection Instructions

Semen Analysis Collection Instructions

When collecting a semen sample for analysis, whether it is for a Fertility check or Vasectomy, it is very important that you call our office at (512) 238-0762 the day before collection. This is to verify that on of our Providers will be in to analyze the collection. Specimens must be dropped off by 3pm and WITHIN TWO HOURS OF COLLECTION. We accept semen samples at our Round Rock, Lakeline and South Austin locations. We will post the results to the patient portal.

When collecting the specimen, please use the provided sterile cups. Do not touch the inside of the cup or lid. This could cause contamination.

For Fertility collection only – Please do not use jelly/lube when obtaining the specimen. This could alter the quality of the sperm. It is best to abstain from any ejaculation for 3 days prior to collection. This will provide a more accurate count.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection process, please feel free to contact us.