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About North Austin Urology

Redefining healthcare. We are committed to providing affordable services to as many people as possible.

North Austin Urology is committed to providing the most current and effective medical practice based upon modern evidence. Innovative and personalized care, along with effective communication are hallmarks of our practice. Our general urology services include the evaluation of hematuria, incontinence, bladder outlet obstruction, chronic urinary tract infections, kidney stones, chronic prostatitis, hypogonadism, evaluation of renal masses, and interstitial cystitis.

Dr. Mistry has a strong interest in the evaluation and treatment of male infertility. Six million couples seek care from a physician every year for difficulty getting pregnant. Fifty-percent of the time there is a male factor contributing to the condition. We perform the range of hormonal and radiologic testing to identify treatable male factor infertility. In addition, we offer vasectomy reversals, testicular biopsies, and microscopic varicocele repair.

Another common service we provide is the vasectomy. We offer the No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV), a technique that has proven to reduce the length of the procedure and improve recovery. We also offer the option of undergoing the procedure under monitored conscious sedation.

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