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Make leaking when you laugh a thing of the past with women’s urology

Leaking when you laugh or sneeze and having to drink cranberry juice for a UTI. Oh, the joys of being a woman! However, these problems don’t have to be something you just live with. Our Austin urologists provide women’s urology care that can allow you to laugh without worrying about springing a leak and stop you from keeping your fridge full of cranberry juice.

Women’s urology care can put an end to those annoying problems

A lot of things come with the territory of being a woman but struggling with bladder problems doesn’t have to be one of them. Our Austin urologists treat women every day who are looking for relief from bladder issues that are affecting their quality of life.

The urinary tract is a complex creature, so there are many places where problems can occur. Thankfully, our team has the tools to find where the problem is and what caused it before they develop a customized women’s urology care plan to treat the issue.

Our team can also help if you’re facing issues like bladder prolapse and pelvic organ prolapse to get everything back where it needs to be. Additionally, we support women’s health by offering support for pelvic floor dysfunction. After a visit to our practice, you and your body will be one step closer to working together in harmony.

You deserve customized treatment plans and comprehensive care

Back in the day (and even at some practices now), women’s urology just involved medical procedures and prescriptions. However, our Austin urologists take a much more holistic view of urology care for women. We believe in treating the whole person, not just her symptoms.

As a result, you can expect to receive a customized treatment plan for women’s health that includes extras like functional nutrition and referrals to counselors. We know that urology issues affect more than just your urinary tract, so we focus on providing care for your body and mind.

Ready to say goodbye to leaks? If you’re ready to get help with women’s health issues like UTIs and little (or big) leaks, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Round Rock, North Austin, South Austin or Dripping Springs office.

Dr Stacy Ong
NAU Urology Specialist