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Sexual Health and Sexual Dysfunction

Many people hesitate to discuss their sexual health. They think they are the only ones experiencing difficulty, or they may feel too embarrassed to bring up their problems. The team at NAU Urology Specialists dedicates their efforts to providing a safe, educational environment where men and women can explore issues of intimacy and sexuality. Our North Austin urologists provide effective, individualized treatment for conditions that cause sexual dysfunction and distress.

Sexual problems in men

Not that long ago, medical professionals thought that sexual problems were psychological. Fortunately, in the last two decades, the approach to treating sexual health has changed. Now we understand that erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation stem from problems with nerve and muscle function. We realize that it’s important for men to have healthy tissues in the penis after prostate surgery. Research has also shown us how important normal testosterone levels are for proper erectile function and sex drive.

Our Austin urologists know that the balance of hormones in a man’s brain affect his sex drive. Whether a man has issues stemming from conditions such as urinary incontinence or cancer treatment, it’s a hopeful time to improve men’s sexual function. Men who have tried treatments in the past should see our urology professionals to determine whether new treatments and knowledge can help them enjoy a healthy sex life again.

Sexual dysfunction in women

In the past, women blamed themselves or were too ashamed to seek treatment. Ignoring the problem can lead to pain, relationship issues, self-esteem problems and a lower overall state of health. Women with problems such as vaginal dryness, pain during sex and decreased libido shouldn’t give up. Our team can help them with an approach that combines medicine, physical therapy and sex counseling. In addition, treating problems such as pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary urgency and incontinence in women often leads to improvements in woman’s sex lives.

How men and women can safeguard their sexual health

We focus on the whole person because urology is just part of a person’s complete health picture. Our physicians and team members encourage patients to make lifestyle changes to improve their sexual health. Here are a few things men and women can try.

  • At least 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day, five days a week
  • A healthy diet, avoiding foods and drinks that irritate the bladder, such as alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods
  • Quitting smoking
  • Meditation and stress-relieving measures to help lower blood pressure

General health issues, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, can also contribute to sexual dysfunction.

Our Austin urologists provide compassionate, confidential care for patients’ intimate issues

Our highly trained and skilled professionals provide expert diagnosis and treatment. No intimate problem is off the table. Our team is here to treat patients and their sexual health with the kindest care. Contact us for an appointment.