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You deserve the best when it comes to men’s health needs

What comes to mind when you think of men’s health? Dealing with cold hands on sensitive areas and talking about uncomfortable problems? If so, you’re thinking of old-school urologists, but our Austin urology group isn’t your grandpa’s urology practice (although he’d probably love us).

Our urologists are experts at treating our patients’ problems in the bedroom without making it a big, awkward ordeal. Your doctor will make you feel comfortable talking about those uncomfortable problems, and we promise to always keep our hands warm.

Men’s urology involves treating male infertility and problems in the bedroom

When it comes to men’s urology, the team at our Austin urology group offers two main types of support. The first is for male infertility, while the second focuses on helping men restore their sexual function.

Different problems can cause male infertility, which means that no two men have exactly the same treatment plan. It also means that our urologists offer a variety of tools to diagnose and treat male infertility.

Our urology providers are experts in diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction and its underlying causes.

Customized treatment plans and comprehensive care are our specialty

Men’s urology involves more than just prescribing medication or recommending a procedure. Our Austin urology group believes in treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. As a result, we focus on delivering holistic care that supports every aspect of men’s health.

This includes everything from functional nutrition to recommendations to counselors who can help support the psychological side of things. Our goal is to make sure your treatment addresses all your physical and emotional needs because we know that urology issues all of a man’s anatomy.

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