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Low Testosterone Evaluation and Treatment

Our Austin providers offer low testosterone evaluation and treatment

Our Austin urology specialists evaluate men who may be suffering from low testosterone. In addition to conducting blood tests for absolute testosterone levels, we will also measure a more sensitive form of testosterone called the ‘free-testosterone’ level. There is no known ‘normal’ range that applies to all men and some men benefit from treatment even after being told that their levels were ‘normal’.

Your initial evaluation will also include looking for other problems whose symptoms can mimic those of low testosterone. In addition, a physical exam will look for evidence of testicular or prostate diseases that could impact treatment.

Our providers offer different methods of treatment for low testosterone

Treatment for testosterone can take several forms that all require close follow-up and should begin with a thorough understanding of possible risks and side effects.

No oral FDA approved testosterone replacement pill is available in the United States

Topical Gels are a common and popular choice for testosterone replacement. This treatment option is typically applied to the skin, normally on the chest, once a day and generally comes in either individual tubes, individual packets, or pumps.

Injection therapy can be a minimally invasive way of testosterone supplementation and can be administered in our office or by self-injection. In fact, weekly self-injection of testosterone can relieve patients of widely varying peak and trough levels of testosterone and will be allowed when appropriate for properly qualified patients. Once prescribed, these injections may be administered in our office, or patients can be taught how to self-inject by one of our providers to begin injections on their own at home.

Some patients may be eligible for implantation of subcutaneous testosterone pellets that only need to be replaced every 6 months making supplementation worry free. The pellets are placed subcutaneously in our office and steadily release hormones into the bloodstream, allowing for a continuous release of testosterone into the body. Patients may begin experiencing improvement in symptoms in as little as a month when utilizing pellet therapy.

If you are interested in getting evaluated for low testosterone and seeing how testosterone therapy may help you, contact our office to schedule with one of our specialists!