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Lacy Matt

Learn more about Lacy Matt, a surgery scheduler at our Austin urology practice

Lacy MattNo one likes the idea of having surgery, but a surgical procedure may be the best way for you to find relief from an annoying urology issue. If Dr. Mistry thinks that surgery could help you feel better, Lacy Matt will help you get your procedure scheduled.

In her role as the surgery scheduler for Dr. Mistry, Lacy helps each patient find a convenient surgery time that works for their schedule and diagnosis. Her compassionate approach and strong organizational skills make the scheduling process a breeze for Dr. Mistry’s surgery patients.

Get to know Lacy Matt and her background

Born and raised in Houston, Lacy moved to Austin in 2012. Before joining our Austin urology practice, she worked in restaurant and retail management, which allowed her to develop exemplary customer service skills. In 2020, she started working for our practice as a patient care coordinator. This was her first role in the medical field in Central Texas, and she proved to be a natural.

Because Lacy Matt has a winning combination of customer service and organizational skills, she quickly earned a promotion. As a result, she is the primary surgery scheduler for Dr. Mistry and his very busy surgery schedule. She loves being able to provide personalized care and service to our patients. We love that she is always happy to answer any questions and take on new responsibilities.

In her spare time, Lacy loves to hike, sing karaoke, paint, attend live music events and watch films. She finds that all these activities help her unwind after a busy day in the office.

Start getting the urology care you deserve

If you’d like to learn how our Austin urology practice can help you put urology issues in the past, contact us today. We can diagnose your problem and then create a customized treatment plan that’s just for you. You might even get to meet Lacy Matt in the process.