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Yolanda Aguillard

Meet Yolanda Aguillard, the billing team supervisor for our Austin urology practice

Yolanda AguillardOur Austin urology practice is one of the biggest in the city, which means that there’s a lot to keep straight in terms of billing. Thankfully, we have an experienced professional on our side. Yolanda Aguillard is our billing team supervisor and she has over two decades of experience in medical billing.

In her role, Yolanda stays very busy, as she oversees the preparation of all medical bills and invoices. She also helps our billing team calculate provider charges and verify patient insurance. Her goal is to make sure that patients like you receive accurate bills and get to make the most of their insurance coverage.

Learn more about Yolanda Aguillard and her background

Born and raised in New Orleans, Yolanda moved to the Austin area in 2013 and joined our Austin urology practice in 2016. She is a certified medical coder with more than 25 years of revenue cycle management. In addition to this impressive background, she also has medical billing experience in urology, dermatology and family medicine specialties.

Having a strong background and a wealth of experience in the world of medical billing made Yolanda Aguillard the perfect fit for the role of billing team supervisor. She enjoys being part of a collaborative team that works hard to assist the patients who visit our Austin urology practice every day.

In her spare time, Yolanda enjoys reading and traveling to experience new cultures and cuisines. She also loves spending time with her three daughters and extended family because she believes that family is everything.

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If you’d like to learn how our Austin urology practice can help you overcome urology issues to feel more like yourself again, contact us today. You can feel confident that Yolanda Aguillard will take care of everything on the billing and insurance side of things.