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What Can I Expect After a Vasectomy?

Most of you want to know what to expect after your vasectomy. Many of you may have heard horror stories. We can tell you that with thousands of patients, experience, and personal experience, that you will be sore for a couple days.

Depending on how active you are, your testicles and groin may be sore longer. That’s why Dr. Mistry encourages you to sit still, watch television, limit your physical activity and…avoid being hit in the testicles.

You don’t want to have a full schedule of important things to do right after your vasectomy. This means – don’t go to a wedding, don’t go horseback riding, and don’t do any tractor work. Just plan on sitting at home. Ice packs will be your friend, frozen peas are the quintessential cool down for the scrotum after a vasectomy and you’ll be leaving our office with some gel packs to help with the recovery.

At the time of your procedure, you’ll be given a prescription for pain medication – depending on what you can tolerate and what we decide is appropriate for you. The medication is designed to take the edge off, but really, what’s going to help is icing the scrotum and limiting your physical activity.

Fellas, one of the problems with having your vasectomy procedure with Dr. Mistry is how comfortable it’s going to be for you. Yes, we said comfortable. Have you heard about Dr. Mistry’s vasectomy procedure? So, you’re going to have to play it up a little bit – maybe walk out bow-legged (although you won’t be) just to make it really seem like you went through quite an ordeal or else you won’t get the sympathy that you rightly deserve for having undergone a vasectomy.

So, use your vasectomy for two or three days to sit on the couch, enjoy some football and have some time to yourself. You deserve it.

You’re also going to leave our office with Dr. Mistry’s cell phone number. Whether it’s on Sunday night or the middle of Wednesday afternoon clinic, he’ll be happy to answer your call and make sure that you’re at ease.

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