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How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost?

Because a vasectomy is technically a medical procedure, it’s easy to let your imagination wander when thinking about cost. Before you think it’s not affordable for you and your family, we’re here to help explain exactly what a vasectomy cost.

Many people wonder how much a vasectomy will cost for their family. Vasectomies performed by NAU Urology Specialists are done in an outpatient setting within our office, which is considerably less expensive than your wife would pay for oral contraceptives or a bilateral tubal ligation (also the same as getting your tubes tied), which is a sterilization procedure performed by an OBGYN.

You may be thinking to yourself: how could a vasectomy be less expensive than oral contraceptives? Well, when you weigh the up-front cost of a vasectomy versus paying a monthly fee long-term, plus the cost of an annual exam, a vasectomy is more cost-effective in the long-run.

So, how much does a vasectomy cost? When you call to schedule an appointment, we take the time to learn about your insurance and try to educate you on what the cost of the procedure would be. Most men are surprised to learn that their health insurance covers most aspects of the procedure – including the consultation. However, if you do not have health insurance to cover these costs, a vasectomy consultation and procedure including IV sedation and the post-vasectomy semen-analysis costs approximately $975. On top of that, you can usually expect to pay about $25 for a jockstrap and as much as you need to spend on frozen peas.

Knowing this information makes it easier to understand the cost of a vasectomy procedure and if you have health insurance, you may learn that most of this cost will be covered. Sorry guys, but you can’t use cost as a factor in putting a vasectomy off any longer now that you know this information!

What do I do before my vasectomy?

At NAU Urology Specialists, you can experience the Mistry Vasectomy difference, which means no needle, no scalpel, and no metal clips. Dr. Mistry does not perform an “open-ended” vasectomy, where one of the ends of the vas deferens is left untied. Instead, the procedure just involves a single incision and IV sedation. The specific steps performed by Dr. Mistry have been carefully thought out to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure and minimize pain and complications. Learn more about the Mistry Vasectomy here.

Ready to move forward with a vasectomy consultation and procedure? Contact us to schedule your appointment or if you need additional questions answered.