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NAU Urology Specialists stands out as a unique medical practice in the greater Austin area, boasting a specialized team of urology providers, including an interventional radiologist.
Devoted to addressing urinary symptoms stemming from an enlarged prostate gland, our dedicated team in Austin is committed to delivering tailored treatments for individuals facing prostate issues.

Watch our videos, read our blogs or listen to our podcast to learn more about PAE for BPH.
You can find our podcasts on the Armor Men’s Health website or wherever you listen to free podcasts.


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When Is It Time To See A Urologist?

  If you’re the kind of guy who waits until the last minute to see a doctor, especially where urological issues are concerned—we get it. You have a hectic schedule and a thousand things on the priority list ahead of taking care of yourself. Sometimes it’s just easier to skip going in to see the

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