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Are You Listening To The Armor Men’s Health Podcast or Radio Show? (You Should Be!)

If you’re a man or have men in your life, you should be listening to the Armor Men’s Health Hour! It’s funny, it’s educational, and best of all, it’s hosted by experts in the field—so you know you can trust our advice.

Each week, our hosts, Dr. Sandeep Mistry and Donna Lee, cover a wide range of medical topics that are important to men. From prostate cancer to testosterone therapy, to weight loss, to vasectomies, there’s no aspect of male health that we don’t touch on. If you’re looking to get educated about your body and have a laugh at the same time…We got you.

If you’re not sold yet, we even made a list. Here are five reasons you should absolutely, positively, definitely be listening to the Armor Men’s Health Hour podcast:

Myths Debunked

Don’t fall for common myths about men’s health and wellness any longer! No, a vasectomy doesn’t hurt your sex drive, and no, it’s not extremely painful. Arm yourself with the facts about your body and the wellness practices that will help you live your best life, by learning from our Board-Certified Urologists.

Practical Health Advice

Ever see health advice on the internet that goes along the lines of “Get up at 4 am and drink only kale all day”? Yeah, we don’t do that here. Our holistic approach to men’s health is practical and includes all the elements of a balanced lifestyle like nutrition, weight loss, and pelvic floor physical therapy. We’re experts in the field, not a BuzzFeed listicle—so you can trust us to give you reliable health and wellness information.

Get Your Funny Fix

Nobody wants to listen to a dry, boring discussion on health issues, right? That’s why our show is a little different than the others, and definitely anything but dry and boring. One of our co-hosts, Donna Lee, is a comedian—a finalist in Nick-at-Nite’s Search for the Funniest Mom in America. Dr. Misty, “the master of urology” according to his patients, is a lifelong funnyman in addition to being a urologist, surgeon, and owner of the Austin practice for 12 years. Put them in a room together, and you’re sure to be entertained.

The Educational Element

Okay, here’s the deal. You’re a man. You have a body. And it’s important that you know how to take care of it through all the crazy things that can happen in life. We’re here to help you understand your body and the things you can do to take care of yourself, whether that means talking about E.D., connecting you with the latest in prostate cancer treatments, or just reminding you to eat your veggies.

First Look At Upcoming Events

Want to be the first to know about exciting events like our historic “Make America Pee Again” experience? The Armor Men’s Health Hour is the place to find out. We talk about all our upcoming events far in advance, including letting you in on who our guest speakers will be. You’ll be the first to know any time we have something exciting to share!

Convinced yet? If you’re ready to join the Armor Men’s Health Hour army, tune in at KLBJ 590 AM & 99.7 FM every Sunday from 4-5 pm, or catch up on Spotify, Google Podcasts, or other major streaming platforms. See you there!