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Why Choose the NAU Urology Family of Clinics for Your Vasectomy Procedure?

Any procedure, whether simple or complex is an important decision. Making the decision to undergo a vasectomy causes you to look at important factors such as cost, the procedure and ultimately, choosing a provider you can trust.

Why choose NAU Urology family for your vasectomy? When you’re choosing to undergo a procedure such as a vasectomy, you want to feel confident and knowledgeable with the provider you choose. The doctors and staff at NAU Urology have worked hard over the last 10 years to make your vasectomy the best possible experience.

In this, we’ve asked ourselves: What are the services we’d like to have for this procedure? Convenience, comfort, and knowledge are some of the biggest factors when considering a vasectomy and the provider to perform the procedure.

The ability to offer IV sedation in our office makes it possible to provide a consultation and the procedure in the same visit. Many men might be concerned regarding post-vasectomy procedure complications, such as pain or auto-reversal. We’ve taken this important concern into consideration and modified the vasectomy procedure to minimize complications, minimize the possibility of pain afterward, and still maximize the effectiveness of the procedure.

We refer to this as the Mistry Vasectomy. What sets the Mistry Vasectomy apart from every other procedure and provider? In the Mistry Vasectomy, the specific steps performed by Dr. Mistry have been carefully thought out to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure while minimizing pain and complications. Dr. Mistry does not perform the “open-ended vasectomy” where one of the ends of the vas deferens is left untied. The benefit of the open-ended vasectomy in reducing post-procedure pain is unconvincing and the increased rate of sperm granuloma formation causes unnecessary patient distress.

Instead, we’re able to perform the procedure with one incision, usually made underneath the penis, at the very top part of the scrotum. This is in distinction to most offices, which have to perform two incisions, thus doubling the risk of infections or complications relating to the incision. Dr. Mistry also does not use metal clips, because he believes metal clips can bind up nerves and potentially cause post-operative complications such as pain, which can remain for months after the procedure is complete. In addition, all of the stitches used dissolve on their own, minimizing the risk of having to return to the office for stitch removal.

All of the semen analyses performed after a vasectomy are complimentary, which we read ourselves. This allows our patients to avoid unnecessary travel to a lab during prime time Austin traffic to deliver a semen analysis – or what most people do – which is avoiding the process altogether, thus not truly knowing whether the vasectomy truly worked.

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