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The staff and professionals at North Austin Urology are dedicated to providing a safe and educational environment to explore issues of intimacy and sexuality for both men and women and provide effective and individualized treatment for those conditions that cause sexual distress.

It was not so long ago that all forms of sexual dysfunction were considered psychological in origin.  The last two decades, however, have changed the way that we can approach sexual problems in men and women.  Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are now understood to stem from problems with nerve and blood vessel function.  We now understand the importance of having healthy tissues in the penis after prostate surgery.  The importance of normal testosterone levels for proper erectile function and sex drive are better understood. Even sex drive is now known to rely heavily on the right balance of hormones in the brain. It is a hopeful time for many man to seek treatment, even when prior attempts have failed.

Sexual issues in women are often very similar to those experienced by men. The main difference is that many women blame themselves and fail to seek treatment.  Problems like vaginal dryness, sexual pain and decreased libido can be embarrassing and are not always addressed by your gynecologist.  However, sexual problems can lead to loss of self-esteem and problems with relationships and contribute to a lower overall sense of health.  There is no ‘magic pill’ for women, but an approach that combines medicine, physical therapy and sex counseling has been very successful for a large number of patients in our practice.