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Family Planning

Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Discuss Vasectomies and Vasectomy Reversals The Armor Men’s Health Podcast is brought to you by NAU Urology Specialists. For questions during the week, call us at 512-238-0762, or visit our website.   I’m Dr. Mistry, as always, with my host Donna Lee. For those of you that listen to the

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The Truth About Vasectomy Reversals

The Truth About Vasectomy Reversals

While vasectomies are considered a “permanent” form of sterilization, that’s not actually 100% true. A vasectomy can be a permanent and highly effective form of birth control for couples… unless you don’t want it to be anymore. With advanced medical technology and a skilled surgeon, vasectomy reversals are becoming a common solution for men seeking

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When is it time to see a urologist

When Is It Time To See A Urologist?

  If you’re the kind of guy who waits until the last minute to see a doctor, especially where urological issues are concerned—we get it. You have a hectic schedule and a thousand things on the priority list ahead of taking care of yourself. Sometimes it’s just easier to skip going in to see the

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