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How To Keep Up Healthy Habits During The Holidays (Without Turning Into The Grinch!)

How to have a healthy holiday

It’s that time of year again. Yes, that one where you sit down in front of the TV with the Thanksgiving or Christmas leftovers, and five hours later you’re still sitting there surrounded by empty beer cans. We get it, we’ve all been there before. But these days, you’ve realized that you want to take better care of your health, especially during this temptation-heavy season. When everyone around you is double-fisting Christmas cookies and eggnog, however, it can be hard to stay on track—and you feel like the Grinch, sitting back with your salad while everyone else enjoys holiday parties.

It doesn’t have to be like that! Health is about balance, not depriving yourself of all good things. Here are a few ways you can stay on track and take care of your health while still enjoying the holiday season:

Less is More (No, Really!)

Picture this. You promise to not eat any dessert on Christmas day, in order to stick to your diet. But that chocolate cake looks SO good, that you decide to have a slice. And then another, and just one more, since you’ve screwed up already and what’s a few more calories, anyway? If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Instead of choosing the “feast or famine” approach, however, give yourself permission to indulge a little bit. One dessert, or one extra roll, and then it’s time to call it quits. This will help you feel like you’re still celebrating, but also still control of your health.

Stick to Routines

Prone to staying out late, eating poorly, and watching too much TV when you have time off? Don’t mess up your routines just because you’re on vacation! Stick to regular mealtimes, even if you’re serving turkey and stuffing instead of chicken and rice. The same goes for sleep schedules, screen time, and even exercise routines. By sticking to your routines where possible, you’ll avoid the issues that come with lack of sleep and poor personal care—like brain fog, weight gain, and lower immunity to illness.

Get Festive

Think about how you could get more involved in the holidays by doing activities with family and friends. Take the kids to go cut down your own Christmas tree, stroll through an outdoor light display, or head out to an ice-skating rink to really burn some calories. We’re prone to using the holiday season as an excuse to indulge in unhealthy habits and overindulge. By instead focusing on spending time with family, you’re able to participate fully in the holiday season—and that’s good for your mental health, too!

Plus, no one will dare accuse you of turning into a green-skinned grouch if you’re always looking for the next fun and festive holiday activity.

All things considered, health is about balance, not restriction. As you embark on the holiday season, taking care of yourself mentally and physically means learning how to enjoy celebrating with family and friends without going entirely off the rails. It is possible! And if you’re ready to get a head start on those new year’s resolutions, we can help. Our office is equipped with resources to assist you with all your healthcare needs. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.