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Get Your (Sex) Life Back

An unplanned pregnancy can catch you and your partner off guard. If you’ve finished growing your family or have no desire to pursue parenthood, you shouldn’t have to stress over an “oops” situation caused by faulty birth control. Fortunately, our experienced urology specialists can help.

Vasectomies offered by our Austin urology group are fast, easy, and provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy life on YOUR terms. The procedure is completed in less than an hour and is followed by a short recovery period with minimal risks or complications, allowing you to get back to your day-to-day life quickly. This form of male birth control is very effective at preventing pregnancy, but it won’t change your form or function in the bedroom. That means your libido, erection and ejaculate volume will all remain the same, so you can rest easy. What are you waiting for? Take back your life by scheduling your vasectomy consultation today.

How does a vasectomy work?

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A vasectomy involves blocking the tubes responsible for carrying sperm from the testicles. By blocking the tubes, a vasectomy stops sperm from reaching the egg to make a baby.

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Is it painful?

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After a vasectomy, there may be some minor aches in the groin or scrotum, however many men experience no post-procedure pain at all. Sedation is available for the procedure.

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Does it affect sexual performance?

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Fortunately, no, as that would defeat the entire purpose! It will not negatively impact your sex drive, ability to get an erection, or ability to ejaculate.

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What’s recovery like?

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Recovering from a vasectomy is nearly as simple and pain-free as the vasectomy itself. Many of our patients have their procedures performed on a Friday and are back to work by Monday.

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Is it covered by insurance?

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In most cases, vasectomies are covered by insurance. If you do not have insurance that will cover the procedure, we offer a competitive rate of $975 for the whole shabang.

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What if I change my mind?

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Though not always recommended, vasectomies can be reversed through a delicate operation to reconnect the vas deferens and restore the flow of sperm.

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What Our patients are saying

Be in Charge of Your Own Family Planning.
Ask about our cash pay cost of only $975.

We understand that getting a vasectomy is a big decision, but unexpectedly, becoming a parent includes plenty of big decisions in itself.
By getting a vasectomy, you’ll be joining the 500,000+ American men who take control of their sex life every year.
Our trained urology specialists have decades of experience performing vasectomies and can provide the necessary resources to ensure you are confident before and after the procedure.

Ready to experience the freedom of permanent birth control? Contact us today to schedule your vasectomy consultation.

No scalpel, no metal clip, IV sedation, one-visit vasectomy, with lifetime semen analysis

No Insurance, No Problem

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