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A Lower-Risk Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Learn About Prostate Artery Embolization, or PAE.

Shrink Your Enlarged Prostate Without Surgery

Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, often experience symptoms caused by their enlarged prostate crowding the urethra. This can lead to difficulty urinating, feeling the
need to urinate more often, or waking up at night with the need to use the bathroom. A new outpatient procedure called prostate artery embolization, or PAE, can shrink the prostate
without surgery or negative urinary or sexual side effects.

Before PAE, men were given a choice to live with an enlarged prostate, try medications, or undergo invasive surgery to remove part of the prostate gland.
PAE gives men an alternative that is highly effective, has a quick recovery time, and preserves sexual and urinary function.

What is PAE for enlarged prostate?

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PAE is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure in which our North Austin urology specialists use a tiny catheter to insert small beads into the arteries that feed blood to the prostate, causing it to shrink in size. This can reduce or eliminate bothersome BPH symptoms and allow urine to flow more easily.

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What are the advantages of PAE?

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Because PAE is minimally invasive, it has lower risks and faster recovery time than surgery. No general anesthesia is needed, and only a small incision is necessary. It also has a much lower risk of urinary and sexual side effects.

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Is PAE right for me?

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PAE is a good option for men who have not achieved BPH symptom relief from medication, and who wish to avoid surgery and protect their sexual and urinary function. Our North Austin urology specialists will take a complete medical history and let you know if you are good candidate for PAE.

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Is PAE covered by insurance?

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Some insurance policies do offer coverage for PAE, while others require that patients meet specific conditions to be eligible for coverage of this procedure. Contact our team for insurance assistance.

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What should I expect during prostate artery embolization?

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In this roughly two-hour procedure, an interventional radiologist will numb the area, then create a tiny incision to insert a catheter into the arteries supplying blood to your prostate gland. A solution is injected carrying thousands of microscopic beads to block blood flow. You can return home shortly afterward.

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What should I expect after a PAE procedure?

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Plan to take a couple of days to recover at home. It takes time for the prostate to shrink, so it may be a month or two before you notice symptom relief, but symptoms will continue to improve over time. You should not experience any negative urinary or sexual side effects.

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What Our patients are saying

Take Control of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Prostate artery embolization is a quick, easy outpatient procedure.

If you’re experiencing problematic symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Our experienced North Austin urology specialists have many tools to help improve your quality of life, and we are happy to explore your options with you. If you’re ready to take the next step toward taking control of your prostate health, contact us to schedule a consultation to explore your options and find out if you’re eligible for the PAE procedure. 

Virtually all men get BPH symptom relief from PAE without negative sexual or urinary side effects.

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