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How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Vasectomy?


Aside from the financial cost of a vasectomy, one of the most common questions surrounding vasectomy procedures are regarding vasectomy recovery. While recovery may take a few days after your procedure, you can lay your worries to rest by understanding The Mistry Difference.

First and foremost, let’s talk about pain…or rather, lack thereof after you undergo The Mistry Vasectomy. The Mistry Vasectomy is different than the traditional vasectomy you’d experience in any other Urology office. What makes Dr. Mistry’s vasectomy different from the rest?

The Mistry Vasectomy is not an open-ended vasectomy, where one of the vas deferens is left untied. The benefit of this procedure claims to reduce post-procedure pain, but let’s be honest – it’s unconvincing the increased rate of sperm granuloma formation causes unnecessary patient distress. The Mistry Vasectomy does not include needles, scalpels, or metal clips and does include a single incision and IV sedation. In the end, Dr. Mistry’s procedure minimizes pain and complications.

You can get the full rundown on the Mistry Vasectomy procedure here.

So, what can you expect after all is said and done? We can tell you that with thousands of patients’ experience and personal experience – you will be sore for a few days afterward. Depending on how active you are – your testicles and groin may be sore for a little while longer.

Recovery time after a vasectomy procedure will vary on each individual basis, but soreness can be expected to last for a few days afterward. This means you’ll want to put off those heavy-lifting chores around the house this weekend and you’ll have an excuse to put off that “honey-do” list, too. Stock the freezer with frozen peas – the quintessential cool down for the scrotum after a vasectomy – but know you’ll be leaving our office with some gel packs and a prescription for pain medication to help with the recovery.

One activity, in particular, you can get back to after 1-2 days of recovery is returning to work. In fact, many folks schedule their vasectomy on a Friday and head back into the office on the following Monday or Tuesday. Each case will vary (and depend on how much you enjoy going to work).

We encourage you to use this time after a vasectomy to rest and relax for 2-3 days and have some time to yourself. After all, you deserve it.

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