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Dr. Mistry and Donna Lee Discuss Vasectomies and Vasectomy Reversals The Armor Men’s Health Podcast is brought to you by NAU Urology Specialists. For questions during the week, call us at 512-238-0762, or visit our website.   I’m Dr. Mistry, as always, with my host Donna Lee. For those of you that listen to the

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Our Austin Urologist provide care for the whole you

The Many Talents of Your Urologist

Ever wished you had a physician who was dedicated to “Men’s Health”? The ladies get gynecologists for all their issues related to women’s health, why don’t men have something similar? A one-stop-men’s-health-shop, if you will. You’ve thought about it. Maybe even fantasized about it. You could go annually and have a specialist who’s dedicated to

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Can Cycling Affect Male Fertility?

A special class of Dr. Mistry’s patients is long-distance bicycle riders. There’s a distinct difference between wearing boxers or briefs a few hours a day and going on a 110-mile bike ride with shorts that are so tight they leave nothing to the imagination. People will often ask, how does long-distance bicycle riding affect fertility? Cycling

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How Can MFCOA Help Improve Male Fertility?

 How can Men’s Fertility Center of Austin, part of the NAU Urology Specialists family of providers, help improve men’s fertility through a holistic approach? A holistic approach to health means treating the “whole” you, not simply narrowing in one area. At Men’s Fertility Center of Austin, we believe in treating the “whole” you to reach

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