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A vasectomy is a surgical procedure usually done in the doctor’s office that makes a man sterile and unable to get a woman pregnant. It is considered highly effective, well tolerated and equally effective to forms of female sterilization.

A vasectomy is performed by blocking the tubes, called the vas deferens, through which sperm normally are transported from the testicle and into the prostate gland. In the prostate gland the small volume of sperm is mixed with the larger volume of semen produced by the prostate. Blocking the tubes will prevent sperm from reaching the semen and being able to fertilize an egg.

The procedure takes about 30-minutes and many different techniques are utilized to achieve the same goal.

A vasectomy is NOT like a castration or similar to being neutered. There is no change in your sexual desire, erectile function, volume of ejaculate (‘size of your load’), risk of prostate cancer or increased risk of sexually transmitted disease.

Most men will have their vasectomy covered by their insurance and those without coverage can enjoy a very competitive price. Overall, the price of a vasectomy is considerably less and the procedure far less invasive than those that women undergo for sterilization.


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