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How Much Does a Vasectomy Cost?

We accept most major insurances.

Your vasectomy may be covered with a copay.

The out of pocket cost for a vasectomy without insurance coverage is $800.


Vasectomy costs are usually affordable and often covered under health insurance plans.

Because a vasectomy is performed in the office, costs of a hospital or surgery center are avoided. We do not charge you or your insurance company for sedation. Many patients may only be responsible for a small co-pay or co-insurance. Your specific benefits and out-of-pocket costs will be determined and communicated prior to your procedure.

“Hubby just had vasectomy 10-5-18. It went perfect actually. The staff was great, especially Victor. And also Dr Mistry, professional and nice. He made my husband’s experience great. I think it lasted maybe 20 mins if that. They gave him a conscience IV sedation which kicked in fast and helped a ton with his anxiety. It’s been over 48hr and he’s had no swelling, no infection and he just showered. It was sore when the meds wore off but torelable. He took his antibiotics they sent us home with. It’s been tender but that’s it. We are impressed. We definitely recommend this office and especially this doctor to anyone. Also we were cash pay and it included so much. I can’t even say anything bad, it was all above expectations.”

– Crystal D. from Leander, TX

Male vs. Female Surgical Options

Surgical sterilization for a man (vasectomy) is significantly less expensive than the sterilization surgery for a woman (tubal ligation), which may be as much as five times more costly. Generally, this is because tubal ligation is a longer, more complex surgery, performed in a hospital or surgery center and requiring a general anesthesia.

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