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Surprise! Higher Rates of Conception Occur During the Winter Months


Ever wonder why it seems like so many babies are born during the later summer and fall season? It’s no coincidence. Studies show that September is an incredibly popular month for birth, which means December holds a high number of conceptions.

With temperatures dropping, people bundling up in layers of clothes and hosting chaotic holiday season schedules, why are most babies conceived during the Winter?

Increased Indoor Activities  

In winter months, when the sun sets earlier in the day and the nights get colder, couples tend to stay indoors and cuddle up. In addition, the holidays often bring people together, cause people to be cheery and – there’s always a prevalence of alcohol at holiday parties and gatherings. Although this is likely more a coincidental cause than a scientific one, it puts couples at a higher likelihood of engaging in acts that lead to conception.

Studies Show Sperm Health is High in Winter

Not only is the winter season the perfect time to cuddle up and when people seem the happiest and most fulfilled when spreading cheer, studies also show that male sperm is often the healthiest in Winter and early Spring, which leads to higher rates of conception during these months, specifically December.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the quality of male sperm produced in the winter time is better than sperm produced in the summer months. Researchers found that sperm concentration and percentage of fast motility decrease in the spring, summer, and fall and rebound in the winter and early spring. Sperm cells also have a healthier physical structure in these months.

Additionally, a woman’s ovum receptivity due to changes in daylight length provides better conditions for fertility. Together, these increase the chances of conception.

Have Fewer Surprises this Holiday Season  

Sperm certainly isn’t suffering from winter blues. The higher likelihood of healthy sperm and coincidental circumstance often leads to more conceptions around the holidays and during the winter season. However, there is a way to have fewer surprises this holiday season: finally getting that vasectomy you’ve been putting off.

At Austin Vasectomy, we offer The Mistry Vasectomy, which does not involve a needle, scalpel, or metal clips and instead, offers a single incision and IV sedation. The specific steps have been carefully thought out to maximize the effectiveness of the procedure while minimizing pain and complications.

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