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Thinking about a vasectomy?

Thank you for considering us for your vasectomy. We promise to make it as comfortable, pain-free and successful as possible.

Our procedure is offered with IV sedation utilizing the no-scalpel technique. The consultation and procedure can be done in one visit.  We accept almost all insurance plans and offer a very competitive price for those without insurance.

We will make your trip to our practice for your vasectomy worth every minute. Your partner and children are welcome to come in our inviting waiting room.


Insured patients will have their benefits and expected out-of-pocket costs determined prior to their visit.

For those without insurance, our cash pay price is $800.  This price includes your pre-procedure consultation, your choice of sedation, the entire procedure, and all post-procedure visits and semen analyses.

The Procedure

Having a vasectomy is one of the most popular forms of permanent contraception in the world. It does not affect a man’s sex drive, ability to have an orgasm, or cause prostate cancer.

The procedure involves finding the two tubes that transport sperm from the testicles and blocking them.

There are different ways to perform this procedure and the technique we have developed is designed to maximize effectiveness while decreasing the risk of complications and pain.


IV sedation is safe and carefully monitored by trained providers with BLS and ACLS certification. There is no additional charge to you or your insurance for the service.

No Scalpel, No Needle

We utilize the No-scalpel technique that results in a smaller incision, less pain and a speedier recovery. We use sutures instead of metal clips to block the tubes.

The No-Needle vasectomy uses a special ‘hypo-spray’ injector to numb the scrotal skin without using a needle.  This can be done on request.

We will perform an “open-ended” vasectomy for patients that request the service.  Learn more about the procedure here.

The procedure can be performed through a single incision in most cases.


Preparing for your procedure

Please download, read and complete the Vasectomy Packet prior to your procedure.

Prior to your procedure we ask that you shave your scrotum to prevent any hairs from intruding on the incision.  Do this the night prior to the procedure.

You will need to bring someone to drive you home if you have either oral or IV sedation. Finally, you will need to bring a jock strap (with a pocket but without a cup) to lift your testicles which will decrease post-procedure discomfort.  This can be found at any sporting goods store.

Procedure in Detail

If choosing IV sedation, you will first have an IV placed. The procedure begins by cleaning the scrotal skin and applying sterile drapes. The skin over the vas deferens is numbed using local anesthesia.

The no-scalpel technique is then used to make a very small scrotal incision (about 5 mm in length) to expose the vas deferens. Care is then taken to isolate the vas deferens from surrounding tissue and nerves. The vas is cut, sometimes a section of the vas deferens is removed, and the remaining ends are cauterized.

A suture is used to tie off each end to avoid the use of metal clips.

An additional step is then taken to separate the ends into different compartments to minimize the risk of the ends finding each other.

The area is then inspected for bleeding and the procedure is repeated on the other side

Possible Complications

  • Painful swelling of the testicles.
  • Build up of sperm at the end of the cut vas deferens (sperm granuloma).
  • Bleeding within the scrotum (hemorrhage).
  • Abscess within the scrotum.
  • The ends of the vas deferens may rejoin themselves (recanalization).
  • Chronic pain at the vasectomy site (post-vasectomy syndrome).

For more detailed information please visit our vasectomy specific website.

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