Sex Therapy

What to Expect

What is Sex Therapy?  Sex therapy for women is an effective and specialized form of professional counseling that helps address concerns about sexual function, sexuality and sexual expression. These may include problems with desire discrepancies, arousal, and inability to reach orgasm, painful intercourse or issues of sexual identity. Individuals can work a therapist when they have difficulties in sexual desire, the need to increase verbal and physical communication regarding sex, or to find new ways to enhance their intimate relationships.

Who might benefit from Sex Therapy?  Sex therapy is appropriate for women of any age or sexual orientation. Common reasons for seeing a therapist include: orgasm difficulties, desire discrepancies, sexual pain or discomfort, identity and orientation issues, inhibitions, medical problems, pre/post surgical procedures, relationship issues or life transitions affecting sexual behaviors or any issue related to sexual identity, expression, or function.

What does Sex Therapy involve?  Sex therapy involves therapeutic techniques such as Solution Focused and Brief Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral therapy. The therapist assesses and evaluates the issues of concern; when the issues began, and under what circumstances. Initial therapy consists of a clinical interview, sexual history gathering, past and current relationships information and concerns. Sexual Functioning Assessment surveys, screening instruments, and mental health assessment questionnaires are utilized to create the most thorough data collection. The gathered information is then evaluated in order to create a treatment plan and outcome goal setting.  During therapy the therapist may provide education on female anatomy, sexual practices, and exercises in relaxation, stimulation and body awareness. Therapy may also include communication and assertiveness training and anxiety reduction training. Homework is often assigned, that may include assigned reading, instructional videos, and exercises. 

How long does Sex Therapy last?  Therapy occurs on a weekly basis for 50 minute sessions. The quantity of sessions depends on the issues, and the duration and severity of the symptoms. Sex therapy is meant to be Solution Focused- limited therapy; lasting a maximum of 10-20 sessions.  After the conclusion of sex therapy treatment, sessions are recommended if or when new problems arise. Your therapist should work to help the setting of goals, the length of therapeutic progress and continuous progress review.

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