Female Sexual Arousal Difficulties

Female Sexual Arousal Difficulties


Female Sexual Arousal Difficulties refers to decreased pleasurable feelings in response to sexual stimulation and adequate sexual desire.

Women may report loss of lubrication, loss of clitoral erection or difficulty achieving an orgasm. Arousal difficulties in men are easier to identify as it results in difficulty maintaining or achieving an erection.

By thinking of female arousal in similar terms to male arousal, it is easier to identify risk factors for the condition. Certain drugs such as anti-depressants, blood pressure medications and hormones can contribute to arousal difficulties.

Chronic medical conditions such as high blood pressure, thyroid abnormalities, diabetes and vascular disease can affect arousal.

Finally, trauma to the pelvis from, surgery or an accident, can affect genital sensitivity and ability to become aroused.

Treatment begins by identifying the most likely cause for arousal difficulties.

Changes to medications and using agents to increase the blood flow to the genitals are commonly used techniques. Some women will benefit from hormone replacement or from treatment by a sex therapist.

Finally, in certain conditions of decreased blood flow to the clitoris, benefit can be received from use of a clitoral vacuum pump called the Eros (http://www.eros-therapy.com/).

Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder is a complex and often dibilitating condition where continued sexual arousal can cause discomfort with any genital contact, pain, and sexual aversion.

Women with PGAD can suffer for many years and face confusion from health care providers and ineffective treatment.

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