Female Sexual Health


Difficulties with intimacy can take many forms. Help is available.

Forty three percent of women in the United States experience some form of sexual difficulty often without seeking help.  When a woman has distress from sexual symptoms, it can cause difficulties with relationships and chip away feelings of self-worth.  Everyone has a right to sexual health.

The staff and professionals at The Austin Center for Women’s Sexual Health are dedicated to providing a safe and educational environment to explore issues of intimacy and sexuality and provide effective and individualized treatment for those conditions that cause sexual distress.

Orgasmic Difficulties in Women

Genital and Sexual Pain


Decreased Sexual Desire

Female Sexual Arousal Difficulties

Cancer Treatment and Women's Sexuality

Physical Therapy

Sex Therapy


 "The procedure was over so quickly, I couldn't believe it." Lawrence S.
 "I was so worried about having a vasectomy for so long and Dr. Mistry made it effortless." Jinh J. 
 "Having the consultation and vasectomy in one visit was very convenient." Jon D.

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